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Sealing your homes concrete surfaces will prevent damage from salts, freeze/thaw cycles, and light spills. 

Protect Your Investment

Replacing a driveway is an expense a homeowner doesn't want to face. Protect your investment by sealing your concrete to help prevent chipping, popping and stains. 

Sealing Process

To ensure your concrete is property sealed we use or commercial grade power washers to clean all surfaces before applying a sealer. This process allows the sealer to soak into the concrete giving your concrete a protection barrier from harsh Indiana weather and salts. 

Penetrating Natural Sealer

Natural Seal is a water based silicone water repellent made of a special hybrid of silane and siloxane. It protects concrete from salt, water, and freeze/thaw damage. JS Natural Seal provides water repellency to porous construction materials such as bricks, stone, concrete blocks, mortar and grout. 

Raised Aggregate Sealer

Our raised aggregate sealer has a brown tint giving your aggregate the pop in color your looking for. It also Protects concrete surfaces against deicing chemicals, fertilizers, salts, grease, oil, alkalis, mild acids and detergents and also minimizes spalling due to freeze-thaw cycle exposure, hairline cracking, dusting and other common defects which result from improperly cured concrete.



Penetrating Concrete Sealer (How Water Should Bead On Your Concrete)

Raised Aggregate Sealing
(Honey Brown)


Key Benefits of Power Washing Services

A customer’s first impression of a business is extremely important, and Often the first impression is the entrance to a business.

  Make the first impression a lasting impression
  Protect your investment by having it sealed
  100% satisfaction guarantee 
  We work around your schedule