Today many people in the Avon and Plainfield Indiana are have switched to PVC or Vinyl fencing over the traditional wood privacy fence. The best caricaturist of this style of fencing is its durability and virtually maintenance free. Unfortunately, as I’m guessing you have found out it’s not 100% maintenance free. Over time PVC vinyl fencing will start to look dirty due to algae growth.

The good news is this style of fencing will look almost brand new minus the rubber tire marks and small holes from kids being kids. Here at Sid’s Power Washing we will use our soft wash technique to first kill the algae and then wash it off using low pressure. The advantages to this technique over just pressure washing is once all the algae is killed your fence will stay that way for around 3 years or longer vs 6-8 months. If you have any questions or would like a FREE estimate contact us at 317-442-7289