This past year we have sealed thousands of square feet of concrete with our penetrating natural looking sealer in Plainfield Indiana, Avon, Indiana, Brownsburg Indiana, Mooresville Indiana, Greenwood Indiana and Bargersville Indiana. The question that we get most is does my driveway really need sealed and what are the benefits to having my driveway sealed in Indiana. Keep in mind every driveway is different so here are a few questions to help you determine if you want to have your driveway sealed.

Q. How old is your driveway?

If your driveway was put in during the 80’s, 90’s and even early 2000’s and still looks good we normally wouldn’t recommend sealing it unless you have trouble keeping it clean. If your driveway was put in after 2000 companies started using different concrete mixes to save money and therefor I would recommend having your driveway sealed to increase its durability and protect it from freeze/thaw cycles, and salt damage. Watch video above to determine if your driveway needs sealed water should bead up and run off your concrete like in the video.

Q. Does your driveway have pops on the surface where the top layer has chipped off?

Most of the time you will see this near the road due to the road salt being pushed up on your drive by the plows. Another reason this can happen is because a rock is near the surface and freeze/thawing of that rock has cause it to pop off the top coat of driveway above it. The best solution to this issue is to seal your driveway and keep water and salts from penetrating into the concrete.

Q. How much does sealing a driveway cost in Indiana?

Every contractor in Indiana is different on what they charge to seal a driveway, but most offer a free estimate. Keep in mind that the easiest way to save money as a contractor is to not have insurance and buy sealer from box stores. My advice to you is make sure they are insured and that their product comes from a concrete supplier to ensure you’re getting the best product and contractor. One thing we do to keep our prices competitive is by buying sealer in bulk which reduces the cost of the sealer from our supplier.

Q. Will sealer change the look of my driveway.

The sealer that we normally recommend to our customers is a natural looking sealer that won’t change the look or feel of your driveway. There are sealers on the market that seal your driveway and gives it a little shine, but we don’t normally use this type of sealer do to it’s longevity, cost, and it can make the concrete slick.

Hopefully this will help you determine if your driveway needs sealed. The easiest way to test your driveway, is by pouring a glass of water on it and seeing if the water soaks in or beads up. If the water soaks in you’re at risk of freeze/thaw pops and salts penetrating your drive. If you would like a free estimate or have any further questions about sealing your driveway please contact us at 317-442-7289.